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Transform your Wine Program

Great Wine programs reach their peak when artistry and data unite.


Our Process

01. Initial Assessment

  • Understand Concept and Ethos
  • Complete P&L review to identity gaps
  • Conduct staff education evaluation
  • Establishing goals

02. Research & Insight

  • Identify wines compatible with concept
  • Evaluate wines based on Sales and COGS target
  • Create draft wine list

03. Final Winelist

  • Train staff on the new wines
  • Complete Vendor negotiation
  • Update POS & Inventory

04. On-going Support

  • Dynamic curation
  • COGS Oversight
  • Training & Seminar
  • POS and Inventory  maintenance

1. Curated by Experts, Informed by data

Discover a fusion where analytics enrich expertise. Our wine curation blends precise data with deep industry insight, ensuring a selection that's both outstanding and in tune with current trends. Each bottle reflects a commitment to excellence, offering a taste of data-informed, passionately curated excellence.

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2. Modern wine education focused on hospitality.

Welcome to a new era of wine education, where the elegance of hospitality takes center stage. Our program is designed for those who seek to not only understand the nuances of wine but also to master the art of creating unforgettable experiences.


3. Consistency of ethos and systems.

Embrace a wine program where consistency of ethos and systems reign supreme, regardless of staff changes. With seamless knowledge transfer and a unified approach, experience unwavering quality and service, free from the concerns of turnover and constant change.


How Sommcloud adds value?

Sommcloud transforms your wine program into a cornerstone of your restaurant's success. Here's how we add unparalleled value:

Managing your winelist
was never this easy

Our in-house wine program management application-"Sommcloud" helps streamline your operations, minimizes stockouts, reduces excess inventory, boosts efficiency, provides real-time insights, and optimizes cost.

Get Sommcloud at zero additional cost and simplify your ordering process now. 

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